Ashford Christian Development Center

Where Jesus Rocks!


Preschool program

2-3 years olds

Abeka Program - Colors, Shapes, Numbers & Letters.

3P school

At Ashford Christian Development Center, LLC we utilize the ABECCA curriculum for our 3 year old preschool program. This program teaches all the fundamentals your child needs in early education.

4P school

Just like the 3P program, our facility uses the ABECCA approach to teaching your child comprehensive preschool dynamics. This  curriculum is faith based and teaches just what your child needs.

So much to do!

Field trips

After school

We provide a secure and safe place for after school kids.


Ashford is proud to announce piano lessons for your child.

Your child will love to go on an adventure with us!

Helping to pave the way for your child to enter kindergarten is what we do best! We offer faith-based preschool curriculum for your 2, 3 and 4 year old preschoolers.

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